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Title A Non-isolated DC-DC Converter with High Step-up Ratio and Wide ZVS Range
Authors Sung-Sik Park ; Se-Wan Choi ; Woo-Jin Choi ; Kyo-Beum Lee
Page pp.315-322
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Non-isolated Boost Converter; Interleaving; High step-up Ratio; ZVS; ZCS; High Power; Voltage Doubler
Abstract In this paper, a method for controlling the a single-phase grid-connected photovoltaic(PV) system using Z-source inverter (ZSI) is proposed. The operating region of grid-connected ZSI system with a variation of PV output voltage are analyzed by considering the voltage stress across switching devices. The switching patterns for controlling effectively the shoot-through time while reducing the switching loss are suggested. Both the simulation studies and experimental results with 32-bit DSP are carried out to verify the performances of proposed system