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Title Multi-Output LLC Resonant Converter
Authors Seong-In Kang ; Joo-Hoon Kim ; Eun-Soo Kim ; Jun-Ho Park ; Jae-Sam Lee ; Dong-Young Huh
Page pp.323-332
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Multi-Output LLC Resonant Converter; Voltage Gain Characteristics
Abstract This paper investigates the fault generation type and the cause of output interruptionsin bulky with 30~500[KVA] double conversion UPS, and proposes the fault detection method to improve the reliability of power supply used in the critical load in industry. Identifies its existing way of detecting a quality of inverter output it to bypass when exceeds its expectation. Under a UPS managing system, when an inner (Power device, Controller, CPU) fault occurs it disrupts the power supply and these occurrences has been verified by the results of experiments and application results. To overcome these problems, the proposed method constructs independently a fault-detection, a bypass-control device and a triple power supply apart from the conventional UPS operation. Also the detection point is changed to the preceding of a circuit breaker, a reference of fault detection is modified to avoid any clash and the breaking equipment is attached to intercept a spread of accident. As a result of applications of these developed systems to 242 UPS which was installed purposefully to the communication power supply, the service errors has not occurred in the UPS for two years since 2006.