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Title A Study on the Neutral Point Potential Variation under Open-Circuit Fault of Three-Level NPC Inverter
Authors Jong-Je Park ; Byoung-Gun Park ; Dong-Hyun Ha ; Dong-Seok Hyun
Page pp.333-342
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Neutral Point clamped multilevel inverter; Neutral Point(NP) potential variation; Carrier Based Pulse Width Modulation; Fault tolerant control
Abstract This paper proposes synchronous bidirectional DC-DC converter applying soft-switching technique. The proposed converter integrates two advantages which are conduction loss minimization and switching loss elimination by applying interleaved synchronous buck and ZVT-cell with a single resonant inductor. ZVS is guaranteed for wide load range in CCM(Continuous Conduction Mode) as well as wide output voltage range by current injection method. Also, reverse recovery effects of body diode can be minimized. In addition, it is possible to significantly reduce diode drop voltage occurred during dead time of conventional synchronous buck converter. The validity of the proposed converter is verified through experimental results.