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Title High Efficiency Bridgeless Power Factor Correction Converter With Improved Common Mode Noise Characteristics
Authors Hyo-Seo Jang ; Ju-Young Lee ; Moon-Young Kim ; Jeong-Il Kang ; Sang-Kyoo Han
Page pp.85-91
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords PFC (Power Factor Correction); Bridgeless; High efficiency; EMI
Abstract This study proposes a high efficiency bridgeless Power Factor Correction (PFC) converter with improved common mode noise characteristics. Conventional PFC has limitations due to low efficiency and enlarged heat sink from considerable conduction loss of bridge diode. By applying a Common Mode (CM) coupled inductor, the proposed bridgeless PFC converter generates less conduction loss as only a small magnetizing current of the CM coupled inductor flows through the input diode, thereby reducing or removing heat sink. The input diode is alternately conducted every half cycle of 60 Hz AC input voltage while a negative node of AC input voltage is always connected to the ground, thus improving common mode noise characteristics. With the aim to improve switching loss and reverse recovery of output diode, the proposed circuit employs Critical Conduction Mode (CrM) operation and it features a simple Zero Current Detection (ZCD) circuit for the CrM. In addition, the input current sensing is possible with the shunt resistor instead of the expensive current sensor. Experimental results through 480 W prototype are presented to verify the validity of the proposed circuit.