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Title DWT-Based Parameter and Iteration Algorithm for Preventing Arc False Detection in PV DC Arc Fault Detector
Authors Jae-Beom Ahn ; Jin-Han Lee ; Jin Lee ; Hong-Je Ryoo
Page pp.100-105
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords AFD (Arc Fault Detection); DWT (Discrete Wavelet Transform); False detection; PV (Photo Voltaic); UL1699B
Abstract This paper applies the arc detection algorithm to prevent the false detection in photo voltaic series arc detection circuit, which is required not only to detect the series arc quickly, but also not falsely detect the arc for the non-arc noise. For this purpose, this study proposes a rapid and preventive false detection method of single peak noise and short noise signals. First, to prevent false detection by single peak noise, Discrete wavelet transform (DWT)-based characteristic parameters are applied to determine the shape and the amplitude of the noise. In addition, arc fault detection within a few milliseconds is performed with the DWT iterative algorithm to quickly prevent false detection for short noise signals, considering the continuity of serial arc noise. Thus, the method operates not only to detect series arc, but also to avoid false arc detection for peak and short noises. The proposed algorithm is applied to real-time serial arc detection circuit based on the TMS320F28335 DSP. The serial arc detection and peak noise filtering performances are verified in the built simulated arc test facility. Furthermore, the filtering performance of short noise generated through DC switch operation is confirmed.