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Title Analysis and Design for Ripple Generation Network Circuit in Constant-on-Time-Controlled Fly-Buck Converter
Authors Younghoon Cho ; Paul Jang
Page pp.106-117
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Fly-buck converter; Constant-on-time control; Ripple generation network; Ripple injection techniques
Abstract Multiple output converters can be utilized when various output voltages are required in applications. Recently, one of the multiple output converters called fly-buck has been proposed, and has attracted attention due to the advantage that multiple output can be easily obtained with a simple structure. When constant on-time (COT) control is applied, the output ripple voltage must be treated carefully for control stability and voltage regulation characteristics in consideration of the inherent energy transfer characteristics of the fly-buck converter. This study analyzes the operation principle of the fly-buck converter with a ripple generation network and presents the design guideline for the improved output voltage regulation. Validity of the analysis and design guideline is verified using a 5 W prototype of the COT controlled fly-buck converter with a ripple generation network for telecommunication auxiliary power supply.