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Title Implementation Method of Overmodulation Technique With High Linearity in DSP
Authors Joon-Seok Kim ; Do-Hyen Kim ; June-Hee Lee ; June-Seok Lee
Page pp.118-125
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Inverter; Overmodulation; Six-Step control; Carrier based PWM
Abstract With the aim to maximize the use of a given voltage source in the field of railway and electric vehicles, this study applies a technique for controlling the overmodulation region between the linear and the six-step regions. High linearity overmodulation techniques that do not use look-up table (LUT) to digital signal processor (DSP) using carrier based pulse width modulation (PWM) are proposed. Such technique requires the phase of the voltage vector at the point where the circular trajectory of the voltage command vector and hexagonal cross each other. Therefore, a method is proposed to obtain a phase of a voltage vector that is derived through an equation and applied to a carrier-based PWM. Validity of the proposed implementation method is confirmed through simulation and experiment.