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Title Suppression of Zero Sequence Current Caused by Dead-time for Dual Inverter With Single Source
Authors Bum-Ryeol Yoon ; Tae-Hyeong Kim ; June-Hee Lee ; June-Seok Lee
Page pp.126-133
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Dual inverter; ZSC (Zero Sequence Current); ZSV (Zero Sequence Voltage); OEW (Open Ended Winding); Dead-time
Abstract This study proposes a suppression of zero sequence current (ZSC), which is caused by zero sequence voltage (ZSV) for a dual two-level inverter with single DC bus. Large output voltages enable the dual inverter with single DC bus to improve a system efficiency compared with single inverter. However, the structure of dual inverter with single DC bus inevitably generates ZSC, which reduces the system efficiency and causes a current ripple. ZSV is also produced by dead time, and its magnitude is determined by the DC bus and current direction. This study presents a novel space vector modulation method that allows the instantaneous suppression of ZSC. Based on a condition where a switching period is twice a sampling (control) period, the proposed control method is implemented by injecting the offset voltage at the primary inverter. This offset voltage is injected in half of the switching period to suppress the ZSC. Simulation and experiments are used to compare the proposed and conventional methods to determine the ZSC suppression performance.