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Title Comparison and Selection of Quantitative Priority in Battery Screening Group Based on Series Resistance/Fuzzy Logic
Authors Sangwoo Cho ; Dongho Han ; Changki Choi ; Jaewon Kim ; Jonghoon Kim
Page pp.142-149
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Lithium-ion battery; Parameter deviation; Screening; Fuzzy logic; Series resistance
Abstract In increasing the safety and usage of lithium-ion battery packs, reducing the parameter deviation between cells, such as voltage and temperature within the battery pack, is important. In this study, we propose a screening method to reduce parameter deviation between cells in battery packs. Screening algorithms are constructed based on Fuzzy logic and quantitatively express the similarities between battery cells. Screening is applied by utilizing series resistance components after experiments of electrical characteristics that consider the operation status of battery packs. After screening, the standard deviation of series resistance components according to the similarity ranking is compared and analyzed, and their conformity are verified with the algorithm parameters.