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Title 760 V-Class DC Switch Breaking Characteristics Using Tandem Type Magnet Extinguisher
Authors Hyosung Kim
Page pp.175-179
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords LVDC switches; Magnet arc extinguisher; Tandem magnet structure; 760V DC system; Breaking characteristics
Abstract Magnetic arc extinguishing technology is effective as an extinguishing device for low-voltage direct current (DC) circuit breakers with a resistive load of ≤4 kW. The separation distance between the magnet and the electrical contact must be shortened to increase the magnetic arc extinguishing force. However, if the magnet is installed too close to the electrical contact points, the magnet is exposed to high temperatures due to the arc current generated when the load current is cut off and the magnetism is lost. To solve this problem, the effective magnetic flux density at the electrical contact can be maintained high by placing the arc extinguishing magnet in a tandem structure with the electrical contact point between them, and the proper separation distance between the contact points and the magnet can be maintained. In addition, an electric arc extinguishing technology that emits arc energy using a series circuit of diode and resistor is used to suppress the continuous arc voltage generated by the inductive load. For the proposed circuit breaker, the breaking characteristics are analyzed through the breaking test for the DC load of the 760 V level, the load power of 4 kW, and the time constant of 5 ms, and an appropriate arc extinguishing design guideline is proposed.