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Title An Improved Wireless Power Charging System Capable of Stable Soft-Switching Operation Even in Wide Air Gaps
Authors Jeong-Won Woo ; Yu-Jin Moon ; Eun-Soo Kim
Page pp.180-191
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords WPT (Wireless Power Transfer); Single stage AC-DC converter; Soft switching; SS (Series-Series) compensation circuit
Abstract In this paper, a single-stage alternating current (AC)-DC converter is proposed for the automated-guided vehicle wireless charging system. The proposed converter is capable of soft-switching under all input voltage (VAC: 220 Vrms ± 10%), load conditions (0?1 kW), and air gap changes (40?60 mm) by phase control at a fixed switching frequency. In addition, controlling a wide output voltage (Vo: 39∼54 VDC) is possible by varying the link voltage and improving the input power factor and the total harmonic distortion factor. Experimental results were verified by making a prototype of a 1-kW wireless power charging system that operates with robustness to changes in air gaps.