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Title Enhanced Global Maximum Power Point Tracking Method for a Photovoltaic System
Authors Yohan Jang ; Sungwoo Bae ; Seunghoon Choung
Page pp.200-205
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Photovoltaic systems; Partial shading conditions; Maximum power point tracking; Global maximum power point
Abstract This paper presents an improved maximum power point tracking method that can fast track the global maximum power point (GMPP) for a photovoltaic system under partial shading conditions. The proposed method combines the advantages of the maximum power trapezium (MPT) method and the search-skip-judge method to minimize the tracking voltage intervals. Thus, the proposed method can quickly track the GMPP by skipping unnecessary tracking voltage intervals. The superiority of the proposed method is verified through simulation results in the MATLAB/Simulink and experimental real-time operation results with the hardware-in-the-loop simulation. The simulation and experimental results demonstrated that the proposed method has a faster tracking time than the MPT method under various partial shading conditions.