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Title Testbed of Power MOSFET Aging Including the Measurement of On-State Resistance
Authors Joonho Shin ; Jong-Won Shin
Page pp.206-213
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Power MOSFET; Integrated power module; Accelerated aging test; On-state resistance
Abstract This paper presents setting up a laboratory-scale testbed to estimate the aging of power MOSFET devices and integrated power modules by measuring its on-state voltage and current. Based on the aging mechanisms of the component inside the power module (e.g., bond-wire, solder layer, and semiconductor chip), a system to measure the on-state resistance of device-under-test (DUT) is designed and experimented: a full-bridge circuit applies current stress to DUT, and a temperature chamber controls the ambient temperature of DUT during the aging test. The on-state resistance of SiC MOSFET measured by the proposed testbed was increased by 2.5%?3% after 44-hour of the aging test.