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Title Proposal of the Energy Recovery Circuit for Testing High-Voltage MLCC
Authors So-Jeong Kong ; Jae-Hyun Kwon ; Dae-Young Hong ; Min-Woo Ha ; Jun-Young Lee
Page pp.214-220
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Boost converter; ERC (Energy Recovery Circuit); Flyback converter; MLCC
Abstract This paper proposes a test device designed for developing a high-voltage multilayer ceramic capacitor (MLCC). The proposed topology consists of an energy recovery circuit for charging/discharging capacitor, a flyback converter, and a boost converter for supplying power and a bias voltage application to the energy recovery circuit. The energy recovery circuit designed with a half-bridge converter has auxiliary switches operating before the main switches to prevent excessive current from flowing to the main switches. A prototype has been designed to verify the reliability of target capacitors following the voltage fluctuation with a frequency range below 65 kHz. To conduct high root mean square (RMS) current to the capacitor as a load, the MLCC test was conducted after the topology verification was completed through the film capacitor as a load. Through the agreement between the RMS current formula proposed in this paper and the MLCC test results, the possibility of its use was demonstrated for high-voltage MLCC development in the future.