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Title Comparison of Efficiency According to the Two Control Method of the Wireless Charging System Considering Wired/Wireless Integrated Charging System for EV
Authors Hun Heo ; Ju-A Lee ; Dong-Hyun Sim ; Won-Jin Son ; Byoung-Kuk Lee
Page pp.228-236
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords IPT converter; LLC converter; Wireless charging system
Abstract The charging methods of electric vehicles are divided into wired charging and wireless charging. Restrictions on the use of charging infrastructure for wireless charging vehicles currently exist because most charging infrastructure uses the wired charging method. Thus, wired and wireless integrated charging system has been studied. In this system, a wireless charging system especially requires a control method for high-efficiency operation in consideration of a change in a coupling coefficient. Therefore, this paper introduces two control methods for the high-efficiency operation of wireless charging that can be applied to wired and wireless integrated charging systems. In addition, loss analysis is performed through PSIM simulation to select a more advantageous method for high-efficiency operation among the two control methods. To verify the simulation-based loss analysis result, the two control methods are applied to the actual wireless charging system, and the efficiency is compared through the experiments Based on the experimental results, a control method suitable for high-efficiency operation of the wireless charging method is selected.