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Title Multi-Phase Interleaved ZVT Boost Converter With a Single Soft-Switching Cell
Authors Joo-Seung Lee ; Yun-Seong Hwang ; Sung-Hyun Kang ; Man-Jae Kwon ; Eunsu Jang ; Byoung-Kuk Lee
Page pp.247-255
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Fuel cell; Interleaved converter; HDC (High Voltage DC-DC Converter); Soft-switching; ZVT (Zero Voltage Transition)
Abstract This paper proposes a multiphase interleaved zero-voltage-transition boost converter with a single soft-switching cell for high-voltage DC-DC converter (HDC) of fuel cell systems. The proposed single soft-switching cell structure can reduce the system volume by minimizing the passive and active elements added even in the multiphase-interleaved structure. To analyze the feasibility of the proposed structure, this paper mathematically analyzes the operation modes of the converter with the proposed single soft-switching cell structure and presents guidelines for design and considerations. In addition, the feasibility of the 210[kW] HDC was confirmed through PSIM simulation, and the system volume reduction of up to 10.48% was confirmed as a result of the 5[kW] HDC test-bed experiment considering the fuel cell system. Through this, the validity of the proposed structure was verified.