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Title A Study on the Pareto Optimization Method of Boost Inductor for PFC Converter
Authors Ye-Ji Hyeon ; Dong-In Lee ; Seong-Wook Jeong ; Won-Jun Kim ; Sang-Yun Lee ; Geun-Ho Jang ; Hyun-Jun Choi ; and Han-Shin Youn
Page pp.325-332
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Inductor; Interleaved Totem-pole Bridgeless PFC; Pareto Front; Pareto-Optimal solution; Pareto Optimization
Abstract This paper proposed an inductor optimal design algorithm to improve efficiency and power density when designing a boost inductor for PFC . Inductors occupy a large volume in the converter, and reducing the volume of the inductor is necessary to improve power density. However, a smaller volume corresponds to a greater maximum flux density, thereby leading to higher losses. The Pareto optimization technique was applied to design an inductor optimized for volume and loss, which show a trade-off relationship. This paper also proposed an algorithm for efficiently generating a Pareto set of volume and loss optimization problems of inductors. This algorithm was applied to the boost inductor of the interleaved totem-pole bridgeless PFC converter, and its effectiveness was verified through experiments.