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Title Validity Study of foreign Technical Standards for Frequency-Based Synthetic Inertia Through Analysis of Wind Turbines and Power System Dynamics
Authors Ye-Chan Kim ; Seung-Ho Song
Page pp.377-386
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Wind Turbine; Synthetic Inertia; Inertia-based FFR(Fast Frequency Reserve); Inertia Response; Hydro-Quebec; ENTSO-E; IEEE 14 Bus System
Abstract This study investigated the foreign technical standards for synthetic inertia and evaluated the validity of the Hydro-Quebec technical standards through power system simulations. By referencing the ENTSO-E technical document and the Hydro-Quebec grid code, we summarized the synthetic inertia parameters and their minimum values. By including a wind farm with Hydro-Quebec's frequency-based synthetic inertia in the IEEE-14 bus system, we analyzed how changing the parameters could impact wind turbines and the power system. We found that wind turbines with the minimum synthetic inertia parameters of the Hydro-Quebec technical standards return to the maximum power point stably even when the wind speed decreases.