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Title Sensorless Control Algorithm of a Surface Mounted PM Synchronous Motor Under Naturally Rotating by Load
Authors Han-Sol Lee ; Kwan-Yuhl Cho ; Hag-Wone Kim
Page pp.16-23
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords PM Synchronous motor ; Sensorless control ; Natural load ; Rotor position detecting
Abstract PM synchronous motor may be rotated to an arbitrary direction and speed by outside wind under natural condition in cases where the fan is applied outside, such as in vehicle radiators and outdoor air-conditioners. Sensorless controls that cannot detect rotor position requires additional sensorless control algorithm because a rotor is rotated by an external load. In this study, the sensorless control of a PM synchronous motor under naturally rotating condition is proposed. The natural rotation conditions are classified as forward high-speed rotation, reverse high-speed rotation, and low-speed rotation. Experiment results verify the performance of the sensorless control, including the rotor speed and position detection at natural rotation mode and switch to the closed-loop sensorless control.