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Title A Seamless Control Method for Supercapacitor to Compensate Pulsed Load in DC Microgrid
Authors Hung D. Dam ; Hong-Hee Lee
Page pp.265-272
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Supercapacitors ; Ultracapacitor ; Pulsed load ; DC microgrid
Abstract This paper proposes a new control method for the supercapacitor (SC) to compensate the pulsed load and to enhance the power quality of the DC microgrid. By coordinating the operating frequency, the SC is controlled to handle the surge current, while the low-frequency current component is dealt with by the remaining sources in the system. The operation mode of the SC unit is automatically changed based on the state of charge and DC bus voltage level. Meanwhile, the mismatch in the power demand is covered by the SC unit by regulating the DC bus voltage level. The effectiveness of the proposed method is verified experimentally by the prototype with two distributed generators and one SC unit.