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Title Zero-Voltage-Transition PWM DC-DC Converter Using A New Active-Snubber-Cell
Authors Hai N. Tran ; Adhistira M. Naradhipa ; Sun-Ju Kim ; Se-Wan Choi
Page pp.273-280
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords DC-DC converter ; Soft-switching ; ZVT(Zero-Voltage-Transition) ; Active-snubber-cell
Abstract This paper proposes a zero-voltage-transition pulse-width modulation (PWM) DC-DC converter that uses a new active-snubber-cell. The converter main switch can be turned on and off with ZVS, while the snubber switch is turned on with ZCS and turned off with ZVS. Other semiconductor devices are operated under the soft-switching condition. Normal PWM control can be used, the proposed active-snubber-cell does not impose any additional voltage and current stresses. The active-snubber-cell is suitable for high-power applications due to its easy integration into interleaved converters. This paper discusses the operation of the converter, presents some design guidelines, and provides the results of an experiment with a 100 kHz and 1 kW prototype. A peak efficiency of 97.8% is recorded.