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Title Space Vector Modulation based on Model Predictive Control to Reduce Current Ripples with Subdivided Space Voltage Vectors
Authors Hyun-Cheol Moon ; June-Seok Lee ; June-Hee Lee ; Kyo-Beum Lee
Page pp.18-26
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Grid connected inverter system ; MPC(Model Predictive Control) ; VSI(Voltage Source Inverter) ; SVM(Space Vector Modulation) ; Current control.
Abstract This paper proposes the model predictive control with space vector modulation (SVM) method for current control of voltage-source inverter. Unlike the conventional method using a limited number of voltage vectors by switching states, the proposed method can consider various voltage vectors to identify the optimized voltage vector. The various voltage vectors are obtained by subdividing existing voltage vectors. The optimized voltage vector that minimizes the cost function is selected and applied to the inverter by using the SVM. The various voltage vectors and SVM reduce current ripples in the output AC side of the inverter compared with the conventional method. The effectiveness and performance of the proposed method are verified through simulation and experiment with a three-phase two-level voltage-source grid-connected inverter.