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Title Current Compensation Scheme to Reduce Torque Ripples of Delta-connected Low-inductance BLDC Motor Drives
Authors Do-Hyeon Park ; Dong-Choon Lee ; Hyong-Gun Lee
Page pp.449-456
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords BLDC motor ; Current prediction ; Delta-connection ; Torque ripple
Abstract This study proposes a method for compensating for the commutation torque ripple of delta-connected brushless DC motors with low inductance based on a current predictions. At the commutation instant, a phase current at the next sampling period is predicted and compared with the reference phase current to determine whether torque ripples will occur or not. If the predicted current cannot reach the reference phase current, the reference current is modified and the relevant voltage reference is produced to reduce the torque ripple. The validity of the proposed method has been verified by simulation and experimental results. The commutation torque ripple has been decreased by 17.7% at 1,000 rpm and 80% load conditions.