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Title A study on gate driver with Boot-strap chain to drive Multi-level PDP driver application
Authors Won-seok Nam ; Sung-soo Hong ; Suk-chin Sakong ; Chung-wook Roh
Page pp.120-126
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Gate driver; Boot-strap chain; Multi-level PDP
Abstract Switched Reluctance Motor(SRM) offers the advantages of simple and robust motor construction, high speed and high efficiency over a wide operating range of torque and speed, excellent controllability. However SRM has the disadvantages of high current harmonics, and low power factor because the required output of speed and torque is produced by the discontinuous and loss of power system, and brings about the incorrect operation of electronic system. This paper deals with an energy efficient converter fed SRM system with the reduced harmonics and improved power factor. The validity of the proposed scheme is verified via experiments. We are implemented the proposed control system using 80C196KC micro-controller.