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Title Compensation Algorithm for Periodic Torque Ripple of AC Motors
Authors Byong-Seob Kim ; Jong-Woo Choi
Page pp.551-557
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Periodic Torque Ripple; Speed Ripple Detector; Torque Ripple Compensator; Stator electrical frequency; AC motor.
Abstract In this paper, a novel motor control method is proposed to improve the performance of sensorless drive of BLDC motors. In the terminal voltage sensing method, which is a great portion of sensorless control, a precise rotor position cannot be obtained when excessive input is applied to the drive during synchronous operation mode. Especially in the transient state, the response characteristic decreases. To cope with this problem, the unknown input (back-EMF) is modelled as the additional state of system in this paper. Taking into account the disturbance adopted by the back-EMF, the observer can be obtained by the augmented system equation. An algorithm to detect the back-EMF of the BLDC motor using the state observer is constructed. As a result, the novel sensorless drive of BLDC motors that can strictly estimate rotor position and speed is proposed.