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Title An Analysis of Position Detection Error of Sensorless Controller and Modeling of Drive System for Interior Permanent Magnet BLDC Motors
Authors Dong-Myung Lee ; Hag-Wone Kim ; Kwan-Youl Cho
Page pp.9-18
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Interior permanent magnet motor; advance angle; position detection error; sensorless control
Abstract In order to tune the speed controller in the linear servo applications an accurate information of a mover mass including a load mass is always required. This paper suggests the mass estimation method of a permanent magnet linear synchronous motor(PMLSM) by using the parameter estimation method of Least-Squares algorithm. First, the deterministic autoregressive moving average(DARMA) model of the mechanical dynamic system is derived. Then the application of the Least-Squares algorithm shows that the mass can be accurately estimated both in the simulation results and in the experimental results.