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Title Correction on Current Measurement Errors for Accurate Flux Estimation of AC Drives at Low Stator Frequency
Authors Kyung-Rae Cho ; Jul-Ki Seok
Page pp.65-73
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Current measurement errors; Flux estimation; Pure-integration; Offset errors; Scaling errors
Abstract This paper studies the torque characteristics of CDTP controlled BLDCM with various back-EMF waveforms. We propose a CDTP method to suppress torque pulsation due to commutation time and point. It is adopted to control the BLDCM with real back-EMF waveforms through the Hague's method for minimizing torque ripple. Real back-EMF waveforms are produced with a magnetic fringing factor and crest width of back-EMF. The performance and characteristics of the proposed control method are anlayzed by simulation and verified through experimental results.