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Title An Implementation of The Position Pattern Generating Algorithm with Minimal Locomotion Time for Single-Axis Linear Machine Drive System
Authors Joohn-Sheok Kim
Page pp.221-233
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords position profile generation; position pattern generation; positioning system; linear machine drive system
Abstract In this paper the characteristic analysis of a single-phase switched reluctance motor (SRM) drive system with power factor correction (PFC) circuit is presented. The SRM is a low cost, simple and has a good high speed performance. The SRM drive with diode rectifier and filter capacitor has a low power factor because of short switch on time of capacitor. A novel switching topologic is presented to improve power factor and reduce torque ripple based on analysis of PFC circuit. Accordingly the SRM drive system with PFC circuit is also presented. Through the numerical analysis of the system, the toque ripple, power factor and efficiency with the change of rotary speed, load torque and capacity of the capacitor are achieved and compared with actual measured value.