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Title A Grid-interactive PV Generation System with the Function of the Power Quality Improvement
Authors Sung-Hun Ko ; Ah-Ran Cho ; Dae-Up Kang ; Chun-Sung Park ; Chil-Hwan Jeon ; Seong-Ryong Lee
Page pp.300-309
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Power quality control; Maximum power point tracking; Current-controlled voltage source inverter
Abstract Up to recently the harmonic generation has deteriorated the quality of electricity and affected the performance on the electrical installation including OA, FA, IT devices and so on. Some studies of harmonic affects in diagnosis and the cause of accident has not done by the experimental data of harmonic source but merely by presumption according to qualitative analysis. So, in order to research the harmonic affect on the electrical installation according to quantitative analysis and gather reliable data over and over again, it is necessary to develop an AC power source which is capable of generating some harmonics. In this paper, we described about realization of AC power source which can produce and compose harmonics for the analysis of accident due to harmonics.