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Title Development of UPFC GTO Thyristor Valve Test Equipment
Authors Soo-Yeol Kim ; Byung-Hoon Chang ; Jong-Soo Yoon ; Yong-Hak Kim ; Doo-Hyun Ba
Page pp.391-395
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Flexible AC Transmission System; Unified Power Flow Controller; STATic synchronous COMpensator; Static Synchronous Series Compensator; GTO Thyristor Valve Test Equipment
Abstract Charge-pump high voltage inverter for Plasma backlight using CIM(Current Injection Method) is proposed in this paper. Adoption of ERC(Energy Recovery Circuit) is a new attempt in high voltage inverter so that it is not only energy recovery but also improvement of discharge stability and system unstability which is interrupted by noise. Using a charge-pump technique enables low voltage switches to be usable, the cost can be reduced. CIM is adopted to achieve high speed energy recovery in proposed circuit. Operations of the proposed circuit are analyzed for each mode. The proposed circuit is verified to be applicable on a 32 inch plasma backlight panel by experimental results.