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Title Voltage Control of Synchronous Generator for Ships using a PMG Type Digital Automatic Voltage Regulator
Authors Dong-Hwan Yu ; Sang-Hoon Park ; Chung-Yuen Won ; Jae-Sung Yu ; Sang-Seuk Lee ; Sung-Joon Ahn
Page pp.38-45
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Synchronous Generator; Digital AVR; Excitation circuit; PMG type; Current Boosting Circuit
Abstract A dynamic model for II-SEPIC(Isolated Inverse-SEPIC) is developed based on the state-space averaging method and its control characteristics are investigated in this paper. Equations for circuit design of II-SEPIC are derived through steady state analysis and the resulted circuit parameters are used in the consequent simulation and experiment works. A structure of control system is devised to obtain better control performance. In order to verify validity and effectiveness of the design equations and dynamic model derived, dynamic control responses of II-SEPIC system against line and load variation are illustrated in both simulation and experiment.