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Title A Contactless Power Charging System using Half-Bridge Series Resonant Converter
Authors Joo-Hoon Kim ; Hwan-Kook Song ; Eun-Soo Kim ; Sung-Ho Park ; Yoon-Ho Kim
Page pp.251-259
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Contactless Power Supply; Half-Bridge Series Resonant Converter; Magnetic Coupler
Abstract This paper proposes the PLL(Phase-Locked Loop) algorithm by a new FFT(Fast Fourier Transform) in a grid-connected PV PCS( Photovoltaics Power Conditionning System). The grid-connected inverter that is applied in a new renewable energy field needs the grid phase information for synchronism. Unlike the PLL which is normally used by three phase D-Q conversion, the preposed PLL algorithm using FFT has non -gain tuning and the powerful noise elimination by the characteristics of FFT. Both simulation and experimental result show that proposed algorithm has the good capacity.