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Title Closed Type Initial Starting Algorithm for PMSM Sensorless Control Using Integrated Speed Angle
Authors Seong-Myeong Park ; Joohn-Sheok Kim
Page pp.18-25
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Motor control system; Sensorless vector control; Sensorless start up method
Abstract In this paper, phase shedding algorithm that measuring to converter's input and output parameter during real-time to control the number of driving converters is proposed. The proposed phase-shedding algorithm drives the DVR power supply with the optimal converter's combination without the loss calculation curve and the lookup table in which the efficiency is measured in advance. The proposed algorithm was implemented through a digital controller and verified in a two-modular LLC converter with a single rated power of 60 W in a 120 W DVR power supply system. Experimental results are presented to prove the validity of the proposed algorithm.