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Title A Study on Synchronous DC-DC Converter Driving Method using GaN FET
Authors 김태규(Tae-Kue Kim) ; 안호균(Ho-Gyun Ahn)
Page pp.296-303
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords GaN FET ; Synchronous Buck Converter. PWM compensation ; WBG
Abstract Recently, there have been many studies on power conversion systems using GaN devices. In particular, in the system of below 600V, GaN has a beneficial advantages over the SiC device. However, due to the characteristics of the GaN device, the parasitic capacitance and the threshold voltage are low, it is difficult to obtain an increase in efficiency even when a GaN device is substituted for a system using Si semiconductor due to ringing and faulty turn on. Especially, high frequency noise is often included in the PWM output stage of the IC due to the characteristics of the internal circuit. This noise affects the switching output and reduces the efficiency in the system which the GaN device is applied. In this paper, as one of the methods to solve this problem, we propose a method of analyzing PWM high frequency noise and removing it. In addition, we have been studied a method for improving the time delay caused by the added circuit, by using dead time and delay time compensation. The results of this paper are expected to be used as a method to improve efficiency when driving GaN devices.