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Title An Optimal ESS Operation Strategy Considering the Quantitative Effect of Peak Management with Meta-Heuristic Optimization
Authors 주형준(Hyeong-Jun Ju) ; 손진만(Jin-Man Sohn)
Page pp.1052-1059
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Genetic Algorithm; Energy Storage System; Load Leveling; Mixed Integer Programming
Abstract Electricity charges consist of into electrical energy charges and basic charges. Electricity charges are charged according to time of use(TOU), not according to the total daily usage in household sector. Therefore, using ESS for peak management can decrease electricity charges. The optimal charging / discharging schedule of ESS considering the electrical energy charges can be established by linear programming. The basic charge reduction method through minimization of deviation in the previous researches does not reflect the exact basic charges. To cope with this problem, we proposes peak demand method for an optimal ESS charge / discharge schedule that minimizes total charges. The effectiveness of the proposed method is shown through case studies using various heuristic algorithms.