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Enhanced CNN-based Plant Growing-stage Classification using Additional Information Carried in an Additional Channel

Yeh-Huann Goh(Yeh-Huann Goh) ; Zhao-Jun Ho(Zhao-Jun Ho) ; Chee-Ho Ng(Chee-Ho Ng) ; Yann-Ling Goh(Yann-Ling Goh)

Generation and Their Evaluation

Moena Yamasaki(Moena Yamasaki) ; Akira Yamawaki(Akira Yamawaki)

Probabilistic Modeling of Reaction Force/Torque through Data Transformation and Entropy Analysis

Nam Jun Cho(Nam Jun Cho) ; Jong Bok Kim(Jong Bok Kim) ; Sang Hyoung Lee(Sang Hyoung Lee) ; Il Hong Suh(Il Hong Suh)

Towards Personalized Intensive Care Decision Support Using a Bayesian Network: A Multicenter Glycemic Control Study

Asma Abu-Samah(Asma Abu-Samah) ; Normy Norfiza Abdul Razak(Normy Norfiza Abdul Razak) ; Fatanah Mohamad Suhaimi(Fatanah Mohamad Suhaimi) ; Ummu Kulthum Jamaludin(Ummu Kulthum Jamaludin) ; James Geoffrey Chase(James Geoffrey Chase)

Metrics to Predict Future Modifications and Defects Based on Software Requirements Specifications

Taketo Tsunoda(Taketo Tsunoda) ; Hironori Washizaki(Hironori Washizaki) ; Yosiaki Fukazawa(Yosiaki Fukazawa) ; Sakae Inoue(Sakae Inoue) ; Yoshiiku Hanai(Yoshiiku Hanai) ; Masanobu Kanazawa(Masanobu Kanazawa)

Reliability?security Tradeoff Analysis of a Cooperative Cognitive Radio Network under an Eavesdropping Attack

Tam-Thanh Pham(Tam-Thanh Pham) ; Anh-Tuan Dinh(Anh-Tuan Dinh) ; Hong-Ha Tran(Hong-Ha Tran) ; Dang-Khanh Le(Dang-Khanh Le)