Title A Study on the Spatial Composition of Folk Houses and Village in Taiwan for the Geomancy(Feng-Shui)
Authors 박찬필 ; 길천수문 ; 산전수성
Page pp.129-140
ISSN 12251674
Abstract This paper is the investigation of the geomancy(Feng-Shui) of folk houses and village in Taiwan. The purpose of this study is to find out the some characteristics concerning spacial composition for the geomancy. The summary is as follows :1) The topography of Taiwan rang the main mountain from the north to the south, and it is very difficult to gave a river in toward to south or a mountain of north. Accordingly, they made the village of which the relation of place is superior to the original orientation.2) The typical forms of geomancy(Feng-Shui) is consist of the mountain at the back, and the water in front of the village and houses, But in the case of Taiwan, there are two diffrent types. The one is the case of Nan-pu(ska ) where every house has form of the geomancy in the site. And anothers is the form which is composed of house crowed together in the topography, in Pei-up(qnr ), Ki-zan(rltks), Mi-no(alshd).3) The spacial composition of folk house is conformity to a big-family to Taiwan that is an emigrant group from China. 1. A concept of house compare with a human form, and has small cosmic thought. 2. As for constitution between the roop of high and low, it is contained a meaning of flow of spirit(rl) and class-consciousness of Confucianism.4) The environment element which is a characteristic of Taiwan. 1. Forest of Feng-Shui(vndtnfla) 2. Tree of Feng-shui(vndtntnahr). 3. Pond of Feng-Shui(vndtnwl)5) Settlement toward isn't for the south, but, the folk house canto recive insolation and sunshine eqally a day from day.