Journal of the Architectural Institute of Korea (JAIK), first published from October 1985, is the official Korean journal of the Architectural Institute of Korea. It aims to improve architectural industry by promoting the various research fields of architecture.

It began to be published monthly from January 1992 (Vol.8, No.1), and separated into the fields of design and construction from April 1998 until May 2020. Since June 2020 (Vol.36, No.6), it has been published without the separation of the fields.

Print subscriptions

Journal of the Architectural Institute of Korea (JAIK) is available as a print subscription for institutions. This applies to libraries, institutions, and individuals whose employers pay for their subscription.

The fee for subscription of the print version is 70,000KRW annually.
(Including Architecture Research(AR))

※ Regular subscription is only available to AIK members (Regular members and Institutions).

※ Please contact JAIK Editorial Office (+82-2-525-1846, to purchase non-members or complete papers. (15,000KRW per Journal)

Online Access

Architectural Institute of Korea (AIK) members can check the full-text content of the published paper by logging in.

Everyone can download published papers by clicking (DBpia, a Korean academic information portal) and paying a download fee.