The Architectural Institute of Korea (AIK) is a sole comprehensive architectural research group in Korea, established in 1945. It has promoted knowledge enhancement and academic researches, developed and led popularization of major innovative technologies, and performed the leading role among institutes of architecture by contributing to the improvement of education and national policies in order to respond to the demands for rapid changes of the society.

Currently, about 30,000 members (including 500 foreigners) of graduate students from architecture related fields, professors, architectural design firms, structural engineering offices, research institutes, etc. are registered and engaged in various works. In addition, library members (from 84 groups) and special members (from 106 companies) are at work.

The AIK is operated by a general assembly, a board of directors and committees, having eight regional chapters. It publishes academic periodicals and journals, regularly holding academic conferences, symposiums, seminars, and lectures.