Title A Study on the Planning and Realization of Canals in Busan during the Modern Age
Authors 남윤순(Nam, Youn-Soon) ; 김기수(Kim, Ki-Soo)
DOI https://doi.org/10.5659/JAIK.2020.36.6.63
Page pp.63-73
ISSN 2733-6247
Keywords Busan; Canal; Nakdong-River; Busanjin; Dong-Stream; Salmagul
Abstract This study analyzed the discussion and plan related to the development of Busan canals in the Japanese occupation. As a result, in order for local manufacturing and industrialization in Busan at that time, the development of ‘Nakdong River?Busanjin Canal’, ‘Busanjin Canal’, and ‘Yeongdo Salmagul Canal’ was discussed and their plans were established from 1916 to the mid 1930s under the leadership of merchants and industrialists. ‘Reclaimed land Canal’ of ‘Busanjin Canal’ in 1932 and ‘Yeongdo Salmagul Canal’ in 1935 were established and had been used as actual canals. Particularly, with the ‘Dong-Stream Canal Plan’ of ‘Busanjin Canal’ which had been performed since 1940, Dong Stream as a natural stream was changed to an artificial canal-like stream. Dong Stream at present is an unfinished canal built in the modern period and a historic place used to look into the development of canals in the modern period. And ‘Yeongdo Salmagul Canal’ has been used as a small canal from its establishment in the modern period up to now. Therefore, for urban plan and development, it will be necessary to set up a plan for presenting the characteristics of these canals and using them as main resources.