Title Study on Categorization of Hospital Exterior Space
Authors 윤은지(Yoon, Eunji) ; 임영환(Lim, Yeonghwan)
DOI https://doi.org/10.5659/JAIK.2020.36.7.15
Page pp.15-24
ISSN 2733-6247
Keywords Fine dust; General hospital; Hospital exterior space; Space categorization
Abstract Healthcare facilities are visited and used by a large number of people who are physically vulnerable to fine dust. In hospital architecture, the exterior space has been a positive factor to give healing effect, but now, due to the fine dust, the exterior environment can be harmful. Thus the meaning of exterior space of hospital architecture should be changed, and our purpose is to construct the basic data for this research field with exterior space categorization. Through literature studies, generation and movement characteristics of fine dust were investigated. Then we defined the exterior space of architecture, and based on the preceding research, the categorization of the exterior space of hospital was conducted. Through 12 regional public hospital cases, the categories and the spatial elements within them were verified. The exterior space of general hospital was divided into ① site entrance area ② vehicle and pedestrian area ③ parking area ④ building entrance area ⑤ internal-external connection area ⑥ exterior activity area, and ⑦ service area. Each category was classified by function and also by physical location of the space, so that the subtle relationship between the subspace elements can be considered in the view of coping fine dust. This study provides the basic data for the architectural study considering fine dust. The changed meaning of exterior space of hospital architecture, and the categorization of exterior space of hospital architecture were given in this study. The categorization will be used for the measurement and simulation of fine dust in the succeeding study.