Title A Study on the Features of Composition and Relationship between Inside and Outside Spaces of Public Rental Housing Complex
Authors 정태종(Jeong, Tae-Jong) ; 김명식(Kim, Myungshig)
DOI https://doi.org/10.5659/JAIK.2020.36.7.99
Page pp.99-108
ISSN 2733-6247
Keywords Public Housing Complex; Spatial Composition of Apartment & Neighborhood; Space Syntax; Road System
Abstract The purpose of this study is to analyze the features of outdoor spatial composition in apartment complex-type public permanent rental housing to provide the architectural planning information of apartment housing in Korea. Current status of outdoor space for transportation, pedestrian in apartment complex and road system around 1km from apartment complex were analyzed with field survey, architectural drawings review and space syntax in 6 selected apartment complexes(Seoul deungchon 7th, Hanam poongsan 4th, Seoul eunpyeong 1st, Incheon chungra 4th, Seoul gangnam 3rd, Suwon homaesil 21st) in Seoul metropolitan area. The characteristics of outdoor spatial composition of 6 apartment complexes are followed. First of all, the spatial composition of road system in and around 1km of Seoul deungchon 7th and Hanam poongsan 4th apartment complexes after development is similar with that of before development, and others have changed with development of public housing and the development is not constricted in the boundary of previous developed road system. The second one is that relationship between housing complex and neighborhood has weak network and strong physical boundary, but some cases tired to share transportation and pedestrian roads and main entrance with neighborhood. The third one is that Integration(3) value reveals the main space is usually center of housing complex, but Seoul eunpyeong 1st and Incheon chungra 4th apartment complexes have increased network connection with landscape and neighborhood living facility and main gate area in Suwon homaesil 21st case. It is necessary to analyze the relationship between other complexes to develop spatial composition of apartment complex-type public rental housing architecture.