Title Derivation of Climate Zones and Melting Temperature Range for the Application of Phase Change Materials in Office Building
Authors 김경수(Kim, Kyung-Soo) ; 이기철(Lee, Ki-Chul) ; 유동철(Yoo, Dong-Chul) ; 박창영(Park, Chang-Young)
DOI https://doi.org/10.5659/JAIK.2020.36.7.123
Page pp.123-130
ISSN 2733-6247
Keywords Climate Zone; Phase Change Material; Melting Temperature; Simulation; Energy Performance Evaluation
Abstract This study is to derive the melting temperature range for applying phase change materials to buildings, and propose climate zones for each administrative region in Korea based on outdoor weather data variables affecting the melting temperature range of PCM, and analyze simulations. Through this, the melting temperature range of the PCM module attached to the building envelope was derived, and the results are as follows. (1) Factors influencing the melting temperature of PCM are surveyed by Heat Degree Hours, Cool Degree Hours, and solar insolation amount, and 14 climate zones were classified by selecting the ASHRAE classification method. (2) PCM increases heating energy consumption, but as cooling energy consumption decreases significantly, total energy consumption decreases. It is analyzed that the energy saving rate is reduced by 0.87 ~ 2.4%. (3) The proper melting temperature of PCM is a valid result, because it is analyzed that the phase change temperature is different according to the proposed climate zone. It is judged that classification by climate zone will be effective when constructing PCM design data for building applications.