Title A Study on the Technical Transformation of Jeju Residential Ctesiphon
Authors 이용규(Yi, Yong-Kyu) ; 최호석(Choi, Ho-Suk) ; 오성훈(Oh, Sung-Hoon)
DOI https://doi.org/10.5659/JAIK.2020.36.8.3
Page pp.3-10
ISSN 2733-6247
Keywords Jeju; Ctesiphon; Double cladding; St. Isidore Ranch
Abstract The main purposes of this study are to grasp the reality of the 'double cladding Ctesiphon' through the survey of the 'double cladding Ctesiphon' built as a pioneer farmhouse in the St. Isidore Ranch in the 1970s and the interview with the director of the St. Isidore Ranch Park Yong-geun who participated in the construction at the time and to investigate the process of transforming Jeju residential Ctesiphons through a comparative survey of 1960s residential Ctesiphons located in Donggwang-ri. As such, it can be seen that the physical characteristics of the 'double cladding Ctesiphon' were sought to improve the previous Jeju residential Ctesiphon by improving the performance of the sheath. In addition, it was also possible to estimate the limit of the 'double cladding Ctesiphon' through the extension. Through the interview survey, 'double cladding Ctesiphon' was devised by Father Mcglinchey and was able to reveal the specific construction process with the hollow layer by brick. In addition, it was found that even after the supply of a single cladding Ctesiphon in the early 1960s, technology improvement was continuously sought based on its own technical skills in the St. Isidore Ranch to improve the habitability of leaks, condensation, and insulation. The testimony that the double cladding structure including outer and inner cladding was planned and constructed in two stages by the St. Isidore ranch and the residents can also be evaluated in terms of acceptance of diversity. This study may be meaningful in that it revealed the existence of the 'double cladding Ctesiphon' for the first time and examined the transformation process after the distribution of Ctesiphon