Title A Local Public Building Production Process through Participation of Unspecified Community
Authors 백선경(Baek, Seon-Gyeong) ; 권현아(Kwon, Hyun-Ah)
DOI https://doi.org/10.5659/JAIK.2020.36.9.41
Page pp.41-52
ISSN 2733-6247
Keywords Yeonhui-dong Community Service Center; Local Public Building; Community; Participation; Publicness
Abstract This study analyzes the production process through community participation, focusing on contemporary local public construction project. In particular, existing studies mainly focused on institutional and methodical discussions for participation, and lacked an integrated and practical analysis. This study targets the Yeonhui-dong Community Center in Seoul, analyzes the beginning and change of community participation in all stages from planning to outcome, and looks closely at how it affects the production process of public places. In the space improvement project of the Yeonhui-dong Community Center, which started with the planning of Seoul City and Seoul Design Foundation, community participation began with the search for an unspecified community of residents of Yeonhui-dong. In other words, it was not to create a new participatory community, such as a committee, or to select an existing organization. At first, the government provides information about the project, collects opinions from residents, and then creates a participatory group based on the workshop. Then, based on these existing participants, the participants for consultation were reorganized, and seven organizations related to the operation of the facility were formed. On the other hand, when interpreting the result of community participation in terms of the publicness of the place, this paper confirmed the publicness as merely the presence and absence of participation and the continuous community acceptance of the place. In conclusion, in the production of Yeonhui-dong Community Center, through the process of reconstructing the unspecified community of ordinary residents, continuous community participation appeared in the places created later.