Title An Analysis of the Characteristics of Space Connected to the Circulation, Materials, and Programs in Kunsthal Architecture
Authors 김종성(Kim, Jong-Sung)
DOI https://doi.org/10.5659/JAIK.2020.36.9.53
Page pp.53-62
ISSN 2733-6247
Keywords "Rem Koolhaas; the application characteristics architecture; Kunsthal; Interior & exterior space; circulation; materials; programs"
Abstract Defining the architect's concept is variously interpreted according to the society, ideas, culture and perspective of the period, so single definition is not easy. Rem Koolhaas is interpreted in various aspects, including neo-organism, neologism, and deconstructionism, but looking at the interview and several prior studies in El Croquis shows that his architecture experiences time and space according to the program and affects various movements. He considered various characteristics of the building space and applied the contraction and expansion and sequence of the space according to the user's movement to the space design of the building. By studying and analyzing the architectural space of Kunsthal designed by Rem Koolhaas, which applies these elements densely to the space, he intends to establish the concept of the space he is pursuing. Starting from this point of view, this study seeks to find out the characteristics of Kunstal's interior and exterior spaces. As a method of creating a sequence and contraction and expansion of the space in connection with the vertical flow, the opening, the material, and the variability of the program was considered. By studying these techniques and elements, we are going to accumulate spatial vocabulary of Kunstall architecture. The purpose of this research is to analyze the current status, layout, floor plan, elevation, cross section, structural system, etc. of Kunsthal architecture to find out the characteristics of space by the circulation, materials and programs, and present the vocabulary and technique of new interior and exterior space of the building.