Title A Study of the Regional Natural Disaster Risk Assessment through the Review of Disaster Vulnerable Factors in North Korea
Authors 김금지(Kim, Keum-Ji)
DOI https://doi.org/10.5659/JAIK.2020.36.10.53
Page pp.53-61
ISSN 2733-6247
Keywords North Korea; Natural Disaster; Risk Assessment; Entropy; Hazard Area
Abstract The purpose of this study was to help making disaster prevention policy in North Korea. North Korea has remained for decades without maintenance, repair and replacement of infrastructure. As a results, many buildings and facilities like roads, rails, bridges are old and structurally weak. These factors seriously damage North Korea’s lives and properties in the event of a natural disaster. And also, due to the limitation of data collections, North Korea researchers hasve not been actively conducted. This study overcame the limitations of North Korea researches, such as the problem of data collections, and made it possible to produce highly accurate results. In this study, there are three steps for assessing natural disaster risk in North Korea. First, 13 indicators were selected by reviewing the indicators used in the previous studies and determining whether data could be constructed for each subregions. Second, The weight for 13 indicators was calculated using the entropy method. This method excludes the subjective judgement of the researcher and improves the accuracy of the research by evaluating the importance using only data. Third, the risk index for 188 regions between 0 and 1 was calculated. Spatial analysis of the hazardous area was performed by assigning a risk rating between 1 and 5 using the natural breaks classification method. As a result of this study, 74 Intensive Disaster Management Region in the eastern and western coastal areas and Pyongyang were selected.