Title Evaluating Natural Ventilation Performance of the Circular Ventilation Window using CFD Simulation
Authors 최하늘(Choi, Haneul) ; 나후승(Na, Hooseung) ; 가서사(Jia, Ruisi) ; 김형근(Kim, Hyungkeun) ; 김나리(Kim, Naree) ; 김태연(Kim, Taeyeon)
DOI https://doi.org/10.5659/JAIK.2020.36.10.105
Page pp.105-116
ISSN 2733-6247
Keywords Circular ventilation window; Natural ventilation; Ventilation performance; Experiment; Computational fluid dynamics
Abstract The purpose of this study is to comprehensively evaluate the natural ventilation performance of the circular ventilation window. The circular ventilation window is a new type of window. This 145mm diameter window consists of a circular frame and a lid, and can be opened and closed. The circular ventilation window has a feature that the installation position and number are relatively free. We evaluated the natural ventilation performance of the circular ventilation window using CFD simulation. Based on the experiment, the CFD model was built, and case studies were performed under various conditions such as the window displacement, indoor/outdoor temperature difference, and outdoor wind speed. In addition, ventilation rates were compared with awning windows and casement windows. As a result, as the vertical distance between windows and the indoor/outdoor temperature difference increased, the ventilation rate tended to increase, and the ventilation pattern greatly changed according to the outdoor wind speed. Also, if the windows were arranged effectively, the ventilation rate could be increased compared to the existing windows.