Title Experiments of Diagonal Reinforced Concrete Coupling Beams under Quasi-static Cyclic Loading
Authors 장종석(Jang, Jongseok) ; 한상환(Han, Sang Whan)
DOI https://doi.org/10.5659/JAIK.2020.36.10.133
Page pp.133-140
ISSN 2733-6247
Keywords Coupled Shear Wall; Coupling Beam; Diagonal Reinforcement; ACI 318-14; Cyclic Behavior
Abstract Coupled shear wall system is an effective structural system frequently adopted in design of high-rise buildings to resist lateral loads such as earthquake loads or wind loads. Coupling beam designed following structural codes and provisions like ACI 318 is a structural fuse, so that it can dissipate lots of input energy generated by an earthquake as being deformed prior to other structural elements. This study tested on four diagonally reinforced concrete coupling beams constructed following ACI 318-14 to assess the cyclic behavior of them according to the amount of diagonal reinforcement.