Title Development Procedure of Data Organization of Data Repositories for Construction Engineering Research Cyberinfrastructure
Authors 이창호(Lee, Chang-Ho)
DOI https://doi.org/10.5659/JAIK.2020.36.10.177
Page pp.177-188
ISSN 2733-6247
Keywords Cyberinfrastructure; Data Repository; Data Organization; Data Model; Class; Attribute; DesignSafe
Abstract The cyberinfrastructure for construction engineering research provides construction engineering researchers and engineers with a research environment that includes data repository, tools, and other computing services through the internet. As a main component of the cyberinfrastructure, the data repository stores the research project data and serves for data curation with data uploads/downloads. Since the data curation naturally depends on how the data is organized in the data repository, the data organization is important for practically useful data repositories. This paper uses the notation of classes and attributes of a data model to discuss the procedural steps to develop the efficient data organization of data repositories such as the data depot of DesignSafe for natural hazards engineering. The procedural development steps begins with the definition of uses for and the size of data repository. The basic organization of main data of the data repository is explored, and then the elaboration of data is proceeded. After the usage of data is evaluated by using a number of evaluation criteria, the data organization is improved based on the evaluation results. These development steps are repeated with various possible sequences until the efficient data organization is finally developed for data repositories for construction engineering research.